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the checklist of life

basil | Jan 17, 2002 09:15 AM

i have a problem with the number of posts here that say "we go there all the time...". i live by one golden rule: never go to the same restaurant twice. while i occasionally violate it, i feel that is chowhounding in its purest form. life's too short, and i mean to try the broadest spectrum of places in that short time. no time for reruns!

the only time i go to fast food places is to try the oddball "new flavor" on the menu. aside from that, i would no more go back to McD's, than would i go back to Maison chez Luigi.

this logic goes double for my kitchen. i cook by mix-n-match, with my first condition being: what combo have i not done yet? very few things on the "unusual combinations" thread shocked me, bcoz i regularly dump leftovers into each other. "stir-fry" to me means stirring last night's haddock into this morning's oatmeal.

one of the few areas where i fail my own test is that i put kimchi in EVERYTHING. thus, kimchi cornflakes and kimchi ice cream are (sadly) "repeaters". i go to confession regularly to expunge my guilt....

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