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Cheap Party Attendees


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Cheap Party Attendees

Scoutmaster | Sep 8, 2013 12:10 PM

Several times a year there are various gatherings of groups or clubs where the guests are requested to sign up to bring a dish to pass &/or some other party essential (wine, beer, condiments, etc.). Outside of the hosts who put forth the effort & expense of hosting such an event (main protein, housecleaning, etc.), I am always amazed at how cheap (or lazy) some people can be. As somewhat of a healthy foodie, I always go through the effort of preparing something relatively unique with fresh ingredients that presents well. I understand not everyone has the kitchen skills or knowledge or time to prepare something elaborate, but come on...katsup & mustard? A bag of chips and jar of salsa? Potato salad from the grocery store deli? We're talking mature adults here, no kids.

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