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Challenging Food - Wish I Hadn't Tried That (longish)


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Challenging Food - Wish I Hadn't Tried That (longish)

StriperGuy | Aug 1, 2002 10:47 AM

As open minded as Chowhounds are, there have to be more folks with stories of food that they tried... and wished they hadn't.

There is a thread below which I have linked to that mentions steak Tartare from an automat in Holland, thousand year old eggs (chinese) and my own experience with a fermented milk product in Africa.

I would love to hear more of peoples experiences of being adventurous and trying some unusual food item in the name of chowhoundiness and then regretting it!

Often there is a brief pause as you contemplate trying something truly on the edge... sometimes you look back on that pause and think, if I had only not taken that bite.

Other stories I know of were a friend of my dads eating some truly scarey tripe and lard-laden soup at a workers restaurant in Northern Europe. He could barely get it down, but was afraid to leave it uneaten for fear of insulting his burley neighbors.

And a photographer I know ate Palm Tree grubs in Papua New Guinea. Essentially 3" long 3/4" thick big juicy larvae. He showed me photos and I will confess that I flinched; they looked like huge maggots. He had them raw/alive and roasted. Said they were actually not too bad and kind of creamy.

Finally, I would say that even with three days of extreme gastrointestinal distress after my fermented milk product experience in Senegal, I would try it again in the same situation.

If you don't try that new food item, you may be missing the caviar of Kuala Lumpur, or the Foie Gras of Bangladesh! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


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