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The Challenges of Being a Chowhound


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The Challenges of Being a Chowhound

zora | Nov 18, 2001 04:54 PM

Well, there is the obvious challenge inherent in being a 'hound: so much deliciousness/so little time...

I've been thinking about some of the other chowish-related complications in my life.

One example: my mother-in-law managed to do her weekly shopping in half an hour at the Safeway a block from the house I now live in. She bought everything she needed there. I can pick up a few things there, but I have to go to another supermarket for Breakstone unsweetened whipped butter, the brand we prefer; a great little fish market five miles away for fish; Trader Joe's for nuts, chips, olives, yogurt, and some cheeses I keep on hand; Costco for meat and Reggiano and paper goods; Fresh Fields for fruits and vegetables I can't get at the weekly Farmer's Market. Other stores for beer and wine. Latin markets, Asian markets. There's only one place I've found in the area, that sells Tilda basmati, the brand I prefer, in 11 pound bags (I don't have much storage space, so I can't buy in huge quantities, but I hate overpaying for small amounts.) When I wasn't working full time, I could divide up the foraging trips during the week, but now I have to do it all on the weekend... I don't go the the farthest afield every week, but still...

Another challenge: picked up my kid at the (quite upscale) home of one of her friends after a birthday party. A few parents were chatting and the host offered me a glass of wine, then went off to the kitchen, came back and put a glass of slightly diluted red vinegar in my hand. There were only a few people there, not a crowd which would have allowed me to disappear for a few minutes and pour it down the sink. Other folks there were drinking their wine without batting an eyelash. Should I have asked: "what are you pouring?" before I accepted? I made a lame excuse for leaving a full glass, but it was truly awful.

What challenges do fellow 'hounds face and how do you handle them?

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