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What Is Going On With CH?

Bill Hunt | Feb 4, 200805:00 PM

What is going on with CH? Over the last month, I’ve had almost a dozen replies that posted, but never showed up. None of these had anything to warrant deleting, so I do not think that is the problem. Now, if a page loads, and that seems unlikely, it is frozen, or I then get a “Sorry... try refreshing, or check back... “ message. “Search this board” seems to have gotten worse, and not better. The archives seem to be about 20%, and then only for a year. Have all of the archives been lost? I can still find many articles, some by me, on Google, and the link usually goes to the CH page, if the server(s) is working at that moment. I’ve had to bookmark these links, so I can add them to replies, where they are pertinent. I just spent much of Saturday and Sunday (02/02 - 02/03) with the servers down, and tonight (02/04/08) doesn’t seem to be any better. Is this just maintance, and I'm getting antsy?

On the SW Board, someone mentioned that CH had been acquired by CNET. Is this what we are now to expect, or is this, and the other referenced problems, just anomalies? If this is the way things will be done in the future, I will be very sad. OTOH, I guess that it was great, while it lasted. I really hope that I am not starting a eulogy here. I’d hate to think of a day, without CH, but guess that I’ll get over it, if I have to.


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