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Cavendish banana in danger.....but do we care?


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Cavendish banana in danger.....but do we care?

Dave M.P. | Aug 28, 2005 11:47 PM

I was recently forwarded the link below, which tells the story of how Cavendish bananas (the most popular type of banana in the US) are in danger of being wiped out by disease. I have had several friends tell me about this before, saying that bananas soon won't exist!

My question is this: If there are hundreds of other types of bananas in the world (as the article mentions), should I be at all worried about the possible extinction of Cavendish bananas? I have traveled through much of South America and have enjoyed several other types of bananas, some more than I right to assume that even if Cavendish bananas go extinct, there will be plenty of other kinds to eat? If so, what's all the fuss?

I'm asking these questions selfishly (I am not addressing environmental/genetic/scientific effects of Cavendish bananas) and am simply concerned with whether bananas (in some form) will continue to exist for me to eat.

So, any experts out there who can help explain?

Thanks in advance,

Dave M.P.


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