Caution! Glass on cork!


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Caution! Glass on cork!

miki | Mar 3, 2010 05:26 PM

If this is inappropriate here, I understand that you have to remove it.

While watching tv tonight, I opened a bottle of a German import. I don't know what made me run my hand around the rim of the bottle, but it came away with crystals of ground glass. There were more down the neck. I thought I'd scraped the bottle with my wine cork, but no.

I looked at the cork. Embedded in the cork itself, where it would come in contact with the wine, was a surface of white glass shards.

I called the store at once and they said they'd give me credit, if I return the bottle. And I assume they're going to remove the wine from the shelf.

At first, they assumed I'd broken the bottle, but I pointed out that the bottle was amber, and the glass shards were clear. And the seal on the cork hadn't been broken.

I'm not going to mention the name of the wine or the store, because I know what harm that can do. And I have no idea how this happened, so I'm not about to hurt a company's reputation.

All I ask is that you all routinely check the bottle's neck, check the cork.

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