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Castiron Reaction

CliffA | Apr 8, 2002 02:18 PM

I don't know if this "about food" or not, but we'll start here and see what happens. Couple of nights ago i fried some bacon in a well-seasoned castiron skillet. To stop the smoke, i put a stainless steel lid atop the hot skillet. Since the skillet is large, the lid stopped the smoke, but the rim of the lid rested in the hot grease--overnight, as it turned out. The next morning, when i lifted the lid to clean the skillet, i was greeted with a very powerful awful smell. In fact, it filled the whole kitchen. It smelled like an "aromatic" solvent--like MEK, lacquer thinner, etc.-- cut with bacon grease.

I cleaned the skillet with warm water and gave it a rub of grease. The smell seemed to linger, but then it went away. Worried about poisining myself, but not wanting to pitch a great pan, i called my (ex) bro-in law who's a chemical engineer. He thought that there may have indeed been "a reaction" between the hot pan/grease and the stainless lid. But he could not be specific about the exact nature of the reaction or it's product--only enough to advise that i hadn't poisoned the skillet and i should continue using it.

Now. Has anyone else encountered a similar "reaction" and what was the product of the reaction that caused that weird smell?


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