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Cast Iron Roasting Kettle

HabaneroLady | Nov 18, 2017 08:01 AM

So I have an ongoing debate with someone who recommends cooking certain dishes in a "cast iron roasting kettle." I have asked him what on earth a "cast iron roasting kettle" is. When I ask that, he sends links to various different types of cast iron cookware. First it was Dutch ovens. Now it is casseroles, roasting pans, and various other things.

I am inclined to think I am just talking to someone who doesn't know anything about cookware. But he so passionately insists that there is such a thing as a "cast iron roasting kettle" that I thought I might as well ask my fellow hounds.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Is this some rare or archaic term for a type of cast iron cookware that I have simply never heard?

I do a google search for "cast iron roasting kettle" (in quotes) and there are only three hits on the WWW. The only thing that seems remotely useful for explaining what this thing might be is a link to an L.A. Times article about a museum exhibit.


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