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THANKS re: cast-iron panic


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THANKS re: cast-iron panic

wyf4lyf | Mar 27, 2006 08:53 PM

Just wanted to say thanks to those who helped me through my cast-iron panic. You'd think I'd spent a fortune on that thing the way I was fretting!

After cleaning it through the self-cleaning cycle of the oven, coating it with Crisco and baking it upside-down at 400 for half an hour and letting it cool...and then frying up 3/4 pound of bacon (and making wonderful quiche with most of that for dinner), I would say the pan is seasoned pretty well. Even before frying the bacon this morning, I made a couple of eggs in the pan for my son, and they hardly stuck at all.

Looking forward to making cornbread in it later in the week. Thanks again Chowhounds!!!

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