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cast iron grill pan ok on flat-top stove?


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cast iron grill pan ok on flat-top stove?

zomigi | Jul 2, 2007 08:01 AM

I desperately want to get a good grill pan to make burgers and chicken on without having to use my outdoor grill (charcoal, so not the type of thing I can use every day!) or George Foreman grill (hope to relegate that to grilled cheese duty). I understand that cast iron is the way to go, not nonstick, because you can get it much hotter to do the searing required.

But the problem is that I have one of those flat-top electric stoves with no burners. You have to go to great lengths not to screw up its ceramic surface. I have a large Lodge cast iron skillet that I got to make frittatas and the first time I used it with medium high heat it smoked like crazy and left blackened marks on my stove that I had to scrub like crazy to get out. I don't have a real exhaust vent so the smoke was annoying as well. I now only use it on medium-low heat (which kind of defeats the purpose).

So, can you use cast iron cookware on flat-top stoves without screwing up the stove top or cookware? Are there any particular ways I should cook with it? Any particular products I should look for (like, is enameled cast iron going to be better?)? I appreciate the advice!

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