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New cast iron causes food to taste metalic


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New cast iron causes food to taste metalic

greenenvy | Sep 10, 2010 12:28 PM

I just bought a Lodge Logic pre-seasoned 12'' skillet. I tried cooking in it and my food had a strong metallic taste. I guess it was probably the taste of iron. So, I rubbed it with oil and stuck it in the oven for an hour or so, then turned off the oven and left it there until I went to use it again today. My attempt at further seasoning the skillet did nothing to help the situation. My food still had a strong metal/irony taste to it. What should I do about this? Am I just overly sensitive to the level of iron that seeps into the food? Whenever I cook at my grandma's with her cast iron this never happens. But, she has the advantage of having had the same cookware for decades.

I've seen recommendations to season the skillet with bacon fat or some other type of animal fat. I can't use this method, though. I was using olive oil because that is what I had on hand. Would a different type of oil work better?


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