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Cask Ales in the US


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Cask Ales in the US

Paprikaboy | Jun 27, 2014 02:15 PM

In the last five years or so US craft beer has had a huge impact in the UK and on brewing. From the amount of US beers available , even in a big chain pubs, to the fact that most new breweries are producing US style hoppy IPA'a at 6% abv or over.
Now I like the style and it's been in general a good thing as it's awakened an interest in good beers. It has though made me have more interest in traditional British cask ales , especially when i'm "hopped out". Obviously the we only get a small selection of US beers and it is all of a similar style as it's what perceived as fashionable.Also it's mainly in bottles or kegged (for obvious reasons) So I'm wondering how available is cask ale is in the US?
Also what other US beer styles should I look for? I know the IPA's we get in the UK can't be the only style of beer produced in the US.

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