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Caring for Shun Knives

olympia | Jan 22, 201206:28 AM

I apologize, I remember was a discussion on here about the Shun honing rod and recall there being some strong feelings pro and con. I've not been able to find it and realize it may be imbedded in a thread with a different topic - if you recall the thread or opinions I'd appreciate your help.

We've been very lucky to receive Shun knives over the holidays. I'm wondering what kind of honing rod to use with them - any and all thoughts would be appreciated. I think we'll eventually want to learn how to sharpen them on our own but we're not quite there yet. Thanks for any and all advice.

If it makes any difference we've got a chef's knife,large and small santoku, sheep's foot and traditional paring knife (and then the serrated knives which I won't be messing with!).

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