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Does anyone care about cold food in summer?


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Does anyone care about cold food in summer?

Hazelhurst | Jun 24, 2005 12:29 AM

I had dinner with a friend tonight..about fifteen years older than I am...and we were in air-conditioned splendour after a god-awfully hot day in Louisiana. This morning I'd hoped to have a decent cold-plate lunch, perhaps with a cold soup. I could not think of anyplace that offered one. The best I could hope for was to have already made soup and go get cold-cuts. Well, too bad; nothing was available.

My friend grew up in North Mississippi and his grandmother came from the same Central Casting lots as one of my own (grandmothers). Comparing notes, we agreed that "something is lacking today" (escpecially TODAY in this heat) when we do not eat the old fashioned cold lunch. We found--not shocckingly--that experience is similar. Used to be that, when the sun went down in August--or July---or June---or whenever in the summer as long as it lasted or began---food for the NEXT day was set to cook: chicken, roast beef, whatever-you-could-afford, and then some vegetables, etc. This was put in the icebox--with plates if you had room--and left to sit until lunch. Breakfast wsa mostly hot----well, "warm." Them as was there will know what I speak of.

Lunch was as cold as could be..with maybe a dressing for the cold meats,and Ice Tea (Mint offered in that grandmother's family--others disdained it). It took awhile to set it all up in the evening but you could eat off the cold meats for days. There were hot meals but usually it might be a roast beef or chicken in the evening and its remains appeared, cold, at lunch tommorow & tommorow & tommorow--and sometimes at dinner.

Long story to the point: have we suffered so far from Air-conditioning that no one bothers today with this very simple fact of dealing with the climate? It is so very simple to arrange a summer meal--cold and cool meal--with a minimum of forethought.

I grew up with this heritage and so did my companion herein referred to above. We thought that the fond memories were far removed in fact (not in time) but I wondered who--and I know that there are many Out There---have similar thoughts. I've shot my bolt...let the rest of ' ya have at it.

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