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Low carbon diets ( or new marketing technology BS ? )

RicRios | Apr 23, 2008 12:45 PM

This article appeared 4/22 in Los Angeles Times, top front page :


Glowing review of the operation run by Bon Appétit Management Co. ( www.bamco.com ) in (among other 400 places) the University of Redlands cafeteria.

Now, I happened to stop by said cafeteria that same day.
Plenty of brochures around the huge ( 5000+ SqFt ) facility.
I'll read some random extracts from the brochures ( my highlights ):

a) "Turkey breast and chicken are produced without the ROUTINE use of antibiotics as a feed additive".
b) "Milk is free of antibiotics and artificial Bovine Growth Hormone AS AVAILABLE".
c) "Seafood is purchased fresh WHEN AVAILABLE LOCALLY".
d) "Cookies, muffins and breads ( WHERE POSSIBLE ) are baked fresh daily".
e) "Bon Appétit Management Company's Circle of Reponsibility takes a MACRO VIEW OF WELLNESS".

Please note the highlights.
So cleverly design as to render entirely null the entire statement.

Another brochure lists 8 qualifying icons as applicable to their menus:

"Farm to Fork"
"Seafood Watch"
"Well Being"
"In Balance"
"Low Fat"

A thick binder at the entrance displays all recipes, with icons indicating which of the above apply. Most have either no icon or just one, none has more than one. Most common being "Well Being: Healthier food choices that are nutrient rich and minimally processed, using less sugar or zero trans fats". Pretty much meaningless in my book.

Article includes a huge 12 inches x 3 columns graphic in the same front page top, provided by ... Bon Appétit Management Co.
Article continues on page14, where you see a full page wide, 3 " high graphic provided by ... you guessed it, BAMCo. A "Tips for a carbon-conscious diet" note comes from same source. Picture, needless to say, is from BAMCo's facility in Univ. Redlands.

I hate the whole scheme:

a) Totally empty 100% BS statements being passed around as the "new frontier in nutritional well being" or thereabouts.
b) Shameless editorial advertising paid -or whatever the verb- for by a big corporation running hundreds of "new age" catering facilities.
c) Complicit media going along with the flow.
d) I better stop here, I'm fuming.

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