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Cantonese Black Colored Soup

the(jealous)sound | Nov 26, 2003 01:37 PM

A related question to my organ meats thread (on Not About Food Board):
My Cantonese grandmother used to make this really dark soup for me when I was a small child. It was jet black, like squid ink, and was slightly grainy in texture. She never let me watch her make it, but I remember her putting some twig-and-leaf-like herbs in it and the main ingredient was this really large slimy thing that looked like an organ. I'm guessing it was pig or cow pancreas? I think she called it something that sounded like (pardon my crappy Cantonese-illiterate phonetics) "jiu leen teet tong".
Anyone else have this soup before? She would drop a few spoonfuls of day old rice into it and I'd tuck into it while watching Godzilla movies on Saturday afternoons. Ahh, the memories...

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