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Canning strawberry jam- question


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Canning strawberry jam- question

Sony | Mar 23, 2006 10:38 AM

I have 2 jars of strawberry jam that I put up about a month ago. Due to some distractions, I:
1 Didn't skim as much as I usually do, and
2. Accidentally spilled some of the jam when canning.

The jars are about 3/4 full (filled to 1 inch below the rim) rather than up to the rim as I usually do because of the spillage. I processed for 20 minutes and heard the seals pop nice and loud as they set.

When I pulled the jars out today, I noticed a grayish scum on the top of the jam in both jars. I don't think it's mold- doesn't look fuzzy enough, but I could be mistaken. Do you think this jam is still OK to eat (perhaps it's because I didn't skim enough?)or could it be spoiled? It smells OK, but I know that doens't necessarily mean it's safe to eat.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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