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Canned Fish- Herring, sprats, sardines, anchovies...


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Canned Fish- Herring, sprats, sardines, anchovies...

The Rogue | Mar 25, 2004 04:59 PM

Upon occasion I love plain smoked canned fish such as kippered herring, sardines, sprats, etc., (basically all the same thing just a different name for each size) and anchovies once every blue moon. (And rarely some Asian style canned fish like fried Dace with black beans) Usually I just put them in a bowl with some light vinegar and lemon juice with some black bread, cheese, hard sausage, etc., on the side.

I have never like most canned fish packed in sauces such as mustard, horseradish, or tomato but am willing to try some of the better brands again.

My current favvs are Appel smoked herring, Riga sprats, and the basic, cheap, kippered herring from brands like Season.

I would like some suggestions for simple recipes using these fish. I find that dozens of cans have accumulated in my pantry and I am trying to get rid of the excess. To eat my pantry clean.

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