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Campbells Select boxed Gold Label soups are awful


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Campbells Select boxed Gold Label soups are awful

rworange | Mar 16, 2006 03:46 PM

Yes, I know it's Campbells, but it exceeds badness of normal boxed/canned soups.

I had a few coupons that along with introductory prices allowed me to buy a few boxes for $1. The ususal price is $3.

Severly thickend with pureed potato to the point there are unpleasant little pieces of potato in all the soups even the portabella mushroom.

The idea of the soups seemed good to me, but yuck.

Before anyone does a rant about buying canned soups at all, some can be good. There are times I don't have the time for anything else or I'm too sick to do anything but crawl out of bed and microwave a bowl of soup. However, I wasn't sick when I tried the Gold Box soups. None of my senses were impared. Yuck.

I pass this along because $3 is a lot to spend for such a mediocre, at best, soup.

I had the bad luck to try all 5 types. It was the last day of a sale and I had coupons. It seemed like a good deal at the time ... not.

At best, was the squash which just tasted more sweet than anything. At worse was the portabella mushroom which had the consistancy of a flavorless gravy with those small pieces of potatoes ... at least I think they were potatoes.


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