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T.Davis | Jun 18, 2003 12:00 AM

A business associate gave my wife a bottle of campari for Christmas one year. The next year he asked how she liked it and she graciously said it was terrific. Here came bottle number two. Last year same question same
response same result. Here came bottle number three. If this trend continues we are going to have enough to set up a bowling alley.

But, not to fear, for being condo dwellers we have a 3 year use criteria we apply to everything dwelling with us. If it is not used in 3 years, it gets tossed. That is unless extinuating circustances allows the item to default to a 5 year use criteria. An item only defaults to a 7 year use criteria if it is declared an heirloom or my wife threatens mayhem if she doesn't cast her eyes on that item at least once a month. Even my beloved bar bells of my youthful days was tossed on the 5 year rule. The fact that I had to lift them to carry them to the garbage did not get me pass the 5 year use rule.

The campari is now bumping up against the 3 year use rule. I have never tasted campari and can find little about it on the internet. What does one like about it. I believe it is an Italian licquor. What does it taste like and how do you drink it. I hate to toss it without even having opened it but it's time is almost up. Save the Campari, wear a yellow ribbon or clue me in with some hints.

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