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Best camera for taking food photos?


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Best camera for taking food photos?

chrisheadrick | Aug 27, 2008 06:32 PM

Hey, foodie bloggers...

I moved to LA from the midwest about 12 years ago, and whenever my friends come to visit I take them to all the ethnic hole-in-the-walls in town. My buddies rave about all the great food here... much so, that they've asked me to blog all of their favorite spots. I love reading others' food blogs myself. I especially love the luscious, up-close photos people take of the food that's served to them.

Tell me--how's it done? Can anyone recommend a small, discreet camera that's perfect for the job of taking photos in restaurants of food? I assume I need a macro lens, no? Do certain cameras come with a macro setting built-in? How do people take the pictures unobtrusively? How can you get the plates so well-lit without a blinding flash?

Can some foodbloggers give me advice on a camera purchase and photo technique?

Thanks very much!

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