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Calling California Hunters


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Calling California Hunters

Pei | Nov 10, 2008 10:37 PM

Boy, am I at a complete lost about where to find help about this one.

I'm faced wtih the opportunity of going feral pig (wild hog, wild boar) hunting this December on a friend's ranch in the Stockton area. Now, I'm totally counting my hogs before they're shot, but what happens if I have the luck of hitting one? My friend's never butchered one; he says he gives them to neighbors and he's not sure what they do.

Short of bothering his neighbors, are there websites where I can look up how to find people who specialize in butchering wild game? I imagine it's not something I should take up on my own.

Any information about wild game hunting in California is greatly appreciated: where to go, tips on hunting, safety precautions, how to make sure a catch is safe to eat, how to store the meat, experience with curing wild hog (I already have images of homemade bacon and prosciutto dancing in my head).


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