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Calling all bread bakers...

aeliseb | Feb 13, 2012 09:54 PM

I am trying to recreate a bread recipe from an AMAZING deli with the best bread. I know a lot of people make that claim but seriously, this one is fantastic. It is called the San Benito House Deli and it's in Half Moon Bay, CA. I grew up there so I am very familiar with this local gem. HOWEVER. I no longer live in the area and having a sandwich just once a year is not working out. I need to figure out the secret to their bread recipe and I am struggling.

I know there are only so many components to bread so I'm not sure why my bread, although delicious in it's own right, is just not the same. The bread is very moist and spongy, kind of like fresh, good quality sourdough. But they call it French bread and it does not taste like sourdough at all. I considered the fact that maybe their secret is simply fresh-baked bread, but I remember keeping a sandwich in the fridge for over a day and the bread being just as good as when I first bought it. It's something IN the bread that makes it amazing.

Any ideas what their secret might be? So far I have experimented with your basic ingredients (yeast, salt, a little sugar). I use all-purpose flour, and have tried using milk and various amounts of olive oil. I am not sure where to go next.

I have attached a photo for reference.

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