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Cafe K report (18 Av branch) + more on hashgacha

uncle moishy | Jan 11, 200408:48 PM

The family went to Cafe K on 18 Av tonight. A little roomier than the Av K original. Good food. Downright inexpensive for kosher sitdown, even in Brooklyn (i.e., a number of entree choices under $10, including salmon and trout). Service spotty (only tipped 15%, rounded up to the nearest $); slow clearing dirty dishes.

But (to continue a discussion from 2 wks ago), while Cafe K on Av K may have engineered something with StarK certification-wise, on 18 Av they are clearly under the supervision of Udvari. I saw a certifcate on the wall saying so while I waited to be seated (hard to find; along wall between front window and refrigerator case) + it said so on the bottom of the register receipt.

Who is Udvari? I don't know. All I can tell you is that they have an address in Williamsburg. Are they reliable? I don't know, but when the Av K branch was dropped by OK and switched to Udvari, the rabbi in my shul said he didn't know anything about Udvari other than that they (obviously) aren't one of the major certification players.

I will say that the Udvari hashgacha did not appear to be an issue for the clientele there (it was crowded), who were considerably more frum-looking than my family: bearded men and wigged women (we are neither). Of course, that's not really worth much.

So I leave with 2 questions:

1) Does anyone have info or opinions on Udvari?

2) I am under the impression that people are much more demanding about checking out the meat they're eating than non-meat. For example, at Essex on Coney, there's a sign in the window answering FAQ's re where their meats come from, where their poultry comes from, where their baked goods come from, etc. For fish and pasta, a certification tinged with mystery seems to do just fine. Am I just hallucinating here? And if not, why is this the case?

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