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Cafe Dore: Banh Mi. Fruitlandia: Agua de Cebada. *SD*


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Cafe Dore: Banh Mi. Fruitlandia: Agua de Cebada. *SD*

kare_raisu | Feb 25, 2008 05:21 PM

The bread on the Banh mi sandwich I had today for lunch at the French-Viet cafe is Out of Control. Yeah, that good.

It arrived warm with the most delicate crisp crust on a piece of French bread that I have had in San Diego. The last time I felt this crazy mad love way about bread was when I was over in Berlin on exchange. It seems so strange yet it makes perfect sense....simple bread should taste this extraordinary. I will not eat another piece of bread without this baguette in memory. It sets the bar high.

With that out of the way, I will dicuss the fillings. I was pretty dissapointed by the "Bi" which I read Kirk's passage about. It really just tasted like shredded dry white pork tenderloin. However, the restrained yet -oh so wonderful- use of sour fish sauce brought some areas back to life [and also tasted great when the bread got a little love from this lovely pungent elixir]. I did enjoy the sparse almost bean thread-esque thin strands of gelatinous skin. I think I would have prefered the huskier tasting meat from the shoulder of the pig with some skin.

The cukes and daikon and carrot juliennes were refreshing and very nice - but almost too light. I am taken by the herbal bright jolt of the wispy cilantro.

I think what stood out the most in regards to this sandwich was its balance of ingredients.

I am already planning my revist - but I think I will go the pate and charcuterie route next time.

Anyone try their escargot soup? Bun Oc I'll get this next time - the tomato broth piques my interest.

I just wanted to mention that I really dig the old coffee shop like feel to the place and that you can watch the senior citizenry playing games - checkers etc outside.


I wanted to try this Agua de Cebada - as mention in my last FL post. Its a barley drink - but I was expecting something similar to the clear cold tea I drunk when I was working for Japanese and Koreans in the summers.

What I got however, was fantastically odd! Its almost like a creamy barley horchata - with a distinct milk coffee taste. I really liked it - its probably one of my new favorite Agua Frescas.

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