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Cafe 939

Joanie | Apr 8, 2008 08:41 AM

Has anyone else gone yet? I stopped by on Sat. and it's a nice space, that building is fairly impressive in general. I only got a piece of carrot cake and can't give a full report since neither my taste nor smell was working that day. I can say that it was a huge slice, seemed to be of the righit consistency with a cream cheese frosting, and it was only $1.99. There were no prices and I was thinking to myself that it better not be more than $4.99, so that was a very pleasant surprise. Things didn't look overly enticing in the case, but nice to have a sit down cafe that's not Starbucks in that area.

Also grabbed a butter/cinnamon pastry of some sort from Fornax in Roslindale in Sun. and could taste this a little more. Well done, $2.50,

And one surprising note, when the cheese guy at Haymarket didn't have St. Andre, I went to Roche Bros. where I'd seen it for $11.99 assuming that would certainly beat Whole Foods. Turned out it was $13.99 and I bought a small chunk. Had to go to WF for something else and wouldn't you know, it was $8.99 there! And their premade refrigerated soups were slightly less. I don't shop enough for that stuff to ever compare, but was super surprised to see WF with the lower prices.

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