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Where to buy injera and why?

lilith | Apr 17, 200810:17 AM

Was driving along the Danforth and stopped by this place called Awash Variety.
They had teff, lots of spices, what looked to me like the
spiced butter they mix with kitfo, and of course, injera.
There were two types, one darker colour (Addis Ababa or Lalibela-like colour)
and one white (Ethiopian House-like colour),
and I got a bag of dark-coloured injera to take home.
It wasn't expensive ($4 or so for 5 pieces) and it tasted fine.

But I just wondered -- did I make the right choice?
I mean, where can one get a "good quality, fresh injera"?
I am not saying that Awash sold stale injera,
in fact I quite enjoyed what I got,
but at the same time I don't know if there were better stores,
better brands, or better whatever. Is the injera I bought
a "Dominion's bakery"-grade, or "Le Pain Quitidien"-grade?
Also, the bag I got did not have any indication of "best before" date
and I don't even know if that is uncommon for a store-bought injera
(another bag I got from another corner store a few weeks ago
had a small piece of paper with some writings in Ethiopian,
but I don't know if they included the "best before" date).

I would appreciate information on the recommended store to
or the brand of injera to get, if any, and maybe possibly the timing as well,
like Tuesdays are freshest, and so on. Thanks.

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