did I buy good cookware?


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did I buy good cookware?

tamhud4 | Jan 9, 2007 02:07 AM

I just bought a bunch of new things...on a splurge to replace some old cookware but I am having a little bit of buyers remorse over a couple things I am not sure I really need. Could anyone comment on the items I purchased, what other things you think are important to get (re: pots and pans..not bakeware, utensils, gadgets). Also, if anything I bought is redundant or unnecessary. I will return or exchange for more useful items if it will save me space and money.

I bought the following: (all found at TJ Maxx)

Cuisinart Chef's Classic stainless (not nonstick) 2, 3 and 8qt stockpot. (Also, for these types of pans, isn't the disk bottom good enough...what types of pans should I try to get fully clad and why?

Cuisinart Chef's Classic stainless 5.5qt Covered casserole with two short handles. Is disk bottom good enough for this type of pan?

Authentic Kitchen (not familiar with this name...anybody have this brand? )13" deep pan with curved sides and heavy aluminum disc bottom, glass domed cover and two short handles...looks like another type of casserole but not as deep as the 5.5qt and that one has straight sides. Can someone tell me what this pan is specifically for...and what other uses it may have in my kitchen? It looks nice and is a heavy weighted pan and can go in oven up to 400. Is there an advantage to having curved sided pan like this in addition to the straight sided 5.5qt cuisinart one? I like that it is large and I was wondering if it would make a good frying pan too because I don't have a large stainless fry pan, just the large nonstick and some small nonsticks and a cast iron fry pan. (is this what is meant by an "everyday pan"?)

Paderno Cagtering line 13" nonstick fry pan

Well Equipped Kitchen enameled cast iron dutch ovens. One is 5qt round and the other is 7.5qt oval. Should I keep both of these? What about the brand name? I liked that they matched and I would have both a large and a small but now I am thinking that maybe this is overkill. I have never used cast iron dutch ovens before but would like to start. And I do have a medium and LARGE I really need a large dutch oven?

Sorry for the long post...any ideas?

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