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I need a buttercream breakdown


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I need a buttercream breakdown

LaureltQ | Jan 14, 2011 08:09 AM

I am a big fan of The Cake Bible, and it's also the only cake book that I have. I have somewhat recently gotten into making cakes as my hubby doesn't like them. But I do, so I eventually just said "screw it" and decided to make desserts that I enjoy. I've made a number of different cakes and icings for family gatherings and parties over the last year or so, but I'm just not sure what I'm looking for in terms of making the "perfect" buttercream.

Is there any kind of list anywhere which rates the butter intensity of different types of buttercreams/icings?

I've made Rose's Neoclassic buttercream. It was good, but felt like nothing other that sweetened butter. I'd prefer something a little less.... greasy.

I made Rose's "Classic Egg White Chocolate Buttercream." It was good. Really good. The chocolate may have helped tone down the intensity of the butter. This is one of my keepers, but only works when a chocolate buttercream is called for.

I made this egg white based icing for the coconut cake, and hated it. It was like eating pure sugar (worse than eating pure butter). http://www.chow.com/recipes/14489-chr...

A few weeks ago, I made her Mousseline Buttercream. It was good. Still a little overly buttery. I'd prefer something slightly less buttery, but I'm not sure if just adding less butter is a viable option. I'd imagine that it would loose structure too easily. My husband, who LOVES icing stuck his finger in the bowl when I finished frosting the cake and asked me "how much butter is in this??!?!?!" My sheepish reply was "A pound."

I'm making some cupcakes for a party tomorrow and wanted to figure out a viable frosting option. I wouldn't normally be afraid of experimenting on friends and family but with the higher frosting to cake ratio that seems to be inherent with fancy looking cupcakes, I don't want to gross people out and make them feel like they're eating sticks of butter. There's a recipe for a Silk Meringue Buttercream in the Cake Bible that I thought of trying, but based on the ingredients, it doesn't look like it will be any lighter than any of the other options I've tried. Is there a type that I'm missing that I should look into? I really appreciate all of your help and experience on this. I'm still very new to cakes.

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