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Butchers dont Butcher?

kjonyou | Aug 22, 201101:26 AM

So I watch the food channel a lot and I alwasy hear from all the chefs and cooks to "just ask your buther to do ......" Or talk to your fishmonger. Well, I dont have a fishmonger, I dont even know where to find one but everyone has a butcher in a local market. But here is the thing, I cant so much as get them to grind up a chuck roast let alone trime a piece of meat. I get excuses like 'our machines broken or, we are not allowed to do that, or its all done before it gets here. Basicly, these guys will only wrap up the meat and thats it.

Is it just my crapy neighborood? We are talking Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons all giving similar excuses. Now before you say, try going to a real butcher shop, I tried that. I went to two different ones and the meat looks so green and scarry I ran back to the big markets. That's really a dying industry from appearances.

Anyone else experiencing lack of butchers who will do more then wrap and smile?

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