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"Have your butcher..." - Madison, Wisconsin

Monch | May 21, 2008 10:33 AM

We're seeking to do more in-home cooking and save on restaurant bills.

It's a great opportunity to add to our home-cooking skill set.

Two instructions in a new cookbook had me asking "Where would I go for that?"

1) "Have your butcher set aside six pounds of marrow bones." - For making beef stock.

2) "Have your fish supplier save you two pounds of white fish bones." - For fish stock.

I'm seeking advice on shops that might be able to help me with this procurement dilemma.

The beef bones are more important than the fish bones. My thought is that when I find these sources I've also found a great butcher and fishmonger.

Finally, seeking a source for pork fat. Pure pork fat, not fatty cuts. Making andouille sausage and the recipe calls for extra fat cut into the grind.

Thanks in advance,

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