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Butcher block countertop. Pros Cons

rores28 | Dec 12, 201108:16 AM

I'm considering making the island in my kitchen a butcher block. And wanted some advice on pros and cons.

This is only partially aesthetic and mostly a functional decision, as I'd like a nice big surface to cut on that I don't have to wash in the sink, which usually turns out messy with me splashing water everywhere. Also, even large cutting boards don't quite offer the space I would like for cutting. I'll be using it alot for cutting vegetables and rarely to never for cutting meat.

My main hesitation is the cleaning / maintenance of the board. In other words if I go over it with a sponge and mild detergent afterwards, do I need to dry it with a towel, air dry, is it prone to warping?

Should I use a spray bottle mix so that I put less water directly onto the surface? Will soap scum potentially develop? I've considered using a "natural" mix of water and vinegar spray on it.

Any other glaring cons?

Thanks for any help or advice!

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