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Best butane stove?

luckyfatima | Sep 26, 201103:54 PM

The stove in my new apartment is gas but the rings produce these tiny fires. Though I do okay cooking most everything on them since they are hotter than they look, I cannot get large pots for rice to cook properly because the fire is just not hot enough for the big pot.

When I boil the rice, the water/liquid takes a really long time to reboil after I add in the rice to the liquid, so the rice gets too tender and breaks.

I have a rice cooker for plain white rice but I must have the ability to do rice stove top to get the ideal pullaos and birianis. I typically cook excellent birianis and pullaos and I feel jinxed here. I am using the same favorite premium brand of rice, and I tried cooking in a light/thin pot, but nothing remedied the small flame that doesn't give enough heat.

I want to buy a butane stove to use to cook my big pots of rice. I need one that would fit a big pot (not that big, just like the largest pot/stock pot in a regular cookware set), get very hot-wokkery btu mot necessary, but reasonably hot, and heat pots evenly. Oh, and have a reputation as safe, too.

What do you recommend?

EDIT: I would also be open to a non-butane portable electric hotplate type stove, too, if you know of a good one. I would just shift my pot from the plate to a low stove top flame once I need to, so fast cool down of plate is not a priority.

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