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Bugs in my porcini


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Bugs in my porcini

Gypsy Boy | Jun 15, 2003 08:45 PM

Okay...I don't use the dried porcini I bought in quantity as fast as I might. But I'm trying! And so just last night, pulled out a handful onto a piece of paper, shredded them by hand, and then threw them in water to soak. And left behind, on the paper, dozens (at least) of tiny, tiny moving black dots. Bugs, in the scientific vernacular.

I have had the dried porcini for many months stored in a clear glass, rubber-gasketed, container. So dem bugs must have come in with the 'shrooms. After soaking, the shrooms were cooked, so I presume (and devoutly hope) the bugs was dead when consumed.

But it got me to wonderin'...what were they? Does it matter? Can they be harmful? Ought I toss out the remaining shrooms? Any other pertinent or wise observations?

Gypsy Boy

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