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Buffalo-Niagara ChowHound Gathering - Any Interest?

jerryc123 | Mar 2, 201004:43 AM

I have always thought that getting together with a few like-minded foodies for a Buffalo food gathering would be a lot of fun.

Recently, in the Best Beef-On-Weck In Buffalo thread, houdini suggested a club for people to keep up with the Beef-On-Weck changes.

Other cities have ChowHound Gatherings, or "ChowMeets," organized functions like dinners, or food-tours, that they have on a periodic basis, and I wonder if there is any interest in one for the Buffalo-Niagara region.
To be fair, and fun, it should also be open to any readers that can make it - I know there are many Southern Ontario readers that read the NY State board for info on Buffalo.

I have created an e-mail address for this reason.


Chowhound.com does not advocate the inclusion of personal contact info on the boards, so please use the above e-mail to contact me with yours, and we'll see if there is enough interest. Your email address will not be shared with anyone or used for any purpose than this meeting.

Below is a link to another thread with do's and don'ts for a ChowHound Gathering.

Any interest?

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