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Buchery Question, Name of meat piece

Collie Man | Feb 25, 200803:20 AM

Hello. As a chef for over 15 years, I do alot of buchery, and have done alot over the years. Being a cook not a bucher, I primarily "feel" my way through the meat, using my experiance with meat scructure as a guide, and thus alot of the meat I find I canot Identify, although I use it {and name it what ever I want}.
Anyway, one piece I routenly order is beef {somtimes veal or bison} top but, and after cleaning, along with the primary mussle there is a smaller, almost triangular cut, simmilar to flank, both in aperance and cooking method/tenderness. I routenly refer to this as bavet on the menu, even though I know true bavet is skirt and from a totaly diffrent place on the cow. Latley I have been asking a few cooking comrades if they know the name, and have gotten so many diffrent answers I cant belive any of them {one chef I know insistis it's called chuck} so I figgured "Time to ask the net"
Is there anyone out there who can name this unknown, yet decicious, piece of steak?

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