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Broken fridge question (food safety) [moved from Home Cooking]

Clarissa | Jun 3, 201209:21 AM

I had a broken fridge for a week. I threw out almost everything (obviously it got way to warm and there was a rather unpleasant smell) but saved a few things, including nuts that I store in the fridge and freezer. The person from Sears said to just toss everything, but I figured nuts don't need refrigeration, and I had a lot of them and didn't want to waste them. The packaging picked up a bit of the smell of the fridge, but the nuts taste and smell okay. The man on the phone spoke so emphatically I'm hesitating to use them, but I think he probably just says that about everything to everyone. Am about to use my sliced almonds but would love to get some assurance that it's okay. Same with my vinegar-based sauces and dressings, like Sriracha. Just don't know.


eta: I know this sounds like the dumbest question in the world. This guy just went on and on about airborne bacteria and I couldn't find anything online.

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