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What comes first, Broiler or Microwave???


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What comes first, Broiler or Microwave???

Louis | Dec 22, 2003 04:21 PM

This question has bothered me for some time. Any guidence or insight will be appreciated. Here's the problem:

You have a thick piece of meat. Any kind, beef steak or roast, chicken breast with or without bone and skin, fish steaks, etc. You are looking to eat it broiled, finished with lemon, or a sauce of your choice.

Do you start it in the microwave (which cooks from inside out) and finish in the broiler or the reverse,
Broil it first, and finish in the nuker?

Broiling thick cuts are always tricky. Often done or crispy on the outside and pink in the middle. Further broiling could blacken the outside. Hence the combined use of the two cooking methods.

Anyone have any thoughts on this dilemma?


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