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stevie pierson | Nov 29, 2010 10:25 AM

Let me just say it: I love brisket. Braised, brined, barbecued. And so I am writing a book about brisket. From extensive research, I know how not to ruin a brisket (cook it "low and slow"), how to de-fat a braised brisket (let it sit overnight so the fat chills), who in New York makes the best brisket sandwich (Fatty 'Cue - voted #1 last year by NY Magazine), where to get a to-die-for brisket enchilada (Slow's in Detroit), who has a fool-proof braised recipe (Cook's Illustrated), what to do if it does (God forbid) dry out (shred it and mix it with some ketchup to make it a little stew-y), etc etc etc

Not only is brisket delicious, I think it is very sexy. I know brisket is a homely cut. And a picture of brisket wouldn’t get a second look on Yet it’s incredibly appealing.

Is brisket the quickest way (or, paradoxically, since it takes at least 3 hours to braise and 8 hours to bbq - the slowest way) to someone’s heart? Do you have any romantic stories about making and serving a brisket?

Thanks for sharing. I'm happy to share some really good advice from top chefs, food chemists, cookbook writers, pitmasters, sex experts, etc who have contributed to my brisket book.

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