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"Brinser's Best" Corn Meal


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"Brinser's Best" Corn Meal

Tom Meg | Dec 24, 2003 06:36 PM

I picked up a 2 lb. bag of this on a recent road trip across Pennsylvania. Anyone ever tried it?

It's dark--about the color of a paper shopping bag and has a weird roasty flavor. I enjoyed the corn muffins I made this morning when they were hot and slathered with butter (what doesn't taste good hot and slathered with butter??), but nibbling on a cold muffin later in the day, it now tastes kind of like dirt or compost.

According to the bag "It is ROASTED and Ground by a Special Process" and there are recipes for Corn Pone and Muffins, Corn Meal Mush and Griddle Cakes on the bag.

I'd be interested in hearing about any experiences my fellow chowhounds might have had with this product.

Link: http://theamishcountrystore.safeshopp...

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