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Bringing your own (Kosher) food into a restaurant

dorilou | Apr 22, 2008 01:55 PM

I just finished reading a thread on a board that is geared more towards being a place for food industry people to rant, but it seems there are just plain old eating folks too. The thread that I just finished was basically this. A waiter was complaining about a party of 6 that he had in his restaurant. 5 of the 6 ladies ordered food and drink, but the 6th lady was a religious Jewish woman who kept strict Kosher. Therefore, she could not eat anything in that restaurant and so she brought her meal with her in a bag from home, along with a plate and whatever else she needed. For some reason, this upset almost everyone on this board, for various reasons. The reasons ranged from a basic 'you don't bring outside food into a restaurant', to 'how dare these people push their religious beliefs in my face' to 'how does this affect the tip you should be getting' and even including 'she should have just sat there and drank water if she could not eat'. I must admit I was a little blown away by these reactions!! One of my first thoughts was 'I wonder how the Chowhounds would react to this?' so here is my first shot at starting a thread; I am curious as to how others will react.

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