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Bringing durian to the office


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Bringing durian to the office

Josh Karpf | Apr 27, 2005 10:25 AM

Yesterday, inspired by a friend who asked me to serve her durian soon, I bought it for the first time. Further inspired by the Web site below, I bought three, one each from different produce stands on Mott and Grand Streets. At least two were frozen, so I couldn't check for scent or seed rattle, but I was assured that they'd be ready to eat.

I hung them in my kitchen. When I woke up this morning, the apartment was pretty aromatic, and one of the spiky fruits had already started splitting. I cracked it open, found two cups of pudding-like yellow flesh divided into quadrants around big smooth red seeds, and tasted it. Strange but delicious: mostly banana-like flavor, but sweet and moist like custard, with a slight fishy finish.

I scooped it into a container and took it to my cube at work, and e-mailed my braver coworkers. Some tried it and at least found it "interesting." Others wandered over because of the strange smell.

Around 100 feet away, one person made a phone call. And a building engineer appeared at my cube, having been asked to find a gas leak. Even though there are no stoves in this office building.



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