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Breaking cooking/baking 'rules'


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Breaking cooking/baking 'rules'

Sooeygun | May 27, 2009 10:49 AM

I was making waffles on Mother's Day for our family brunch. My recipe uses separated eggs; the whites are whipped to soft peaks and folded in at the end. Being a lazy sort, I was separating the egg whites directly into the mixer bowl and, of course, on the last egg I accidentally dumped the yolk in and it leaked. I fished it out as best as possible, but definitely not completely and proceeded to beat my whites. This has happened to me before, so I knew that my whites would still whip up to the correct texture and they did.

But it made me think of all those recipes and instruction books that insist that no bit of yolk or other fat be in the whites or they won't whip up. And that made me think of all the things I do in the kitchen contrary to the 'rules.'

Such as...

I don't always make my cornstarch into a slurry when thickening. Sometimes I sprinkle it on top of the sauce/stew and quickly blend it in. And it doesn't go lumpy.

In baking, I don't always measure every ingredient exactly. Actually, I never measure salt or vanilla, I just eyeball them. I think the measuring thing comes from the pastry kitchens where I worked, where most measuring was kind of slapdash.

I don't add my eggs on at a time in most recipes and they always mix in properly.

What about others out there? What 'rules' do you break?

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