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Bourbon and Balmy Nights


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Bourbon and Balmy Nights

Andy P. | Jul 1, 2004 12:43 PM

Hello all,

It is a Godsend in Tokyo tonight; it isn't humid. Tonight is cool and crisp, with a gentle breeze coming in off the Pacific.

With all of my windows open, my neighbor's jasmine tree is transporting me to a place that isn't Japan... It is taking back to Kentucky, where I did do some growing up at a time when time didn't seem to matter.

The reason this comes up is because it was first in Kentucky that I tasted bourbon. Sitting in the twilight, on my cousin's porch, sipping on this golden nectar, while watching fireflies look for love amongst the live oaks and hickory trees, I thought this was as close to Heaven as I would ever get.

Now, twenty years later, I've found in Tokyo, a bottle shop that has over 60 bourbons.

Currently, I'm sipping on the offerings from a bottle of Woodford's Reserve. I'm quickly falling in love with this bourbon.

A few nights ago, I entertained some friends with Buffalo Trace. My friends, God bless them, were blown away by the complexity of this great drink.

So, for a good old boy living in Tokyo, with an amazing array of bourbons a couple of miles away, what do you recommend?


"I guess we're all gonna be what we're gonna be.
So whadda do with good old boys like me."
- Don Williams

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