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Bouchon, breakfast, March 1st Report


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Bouchon, breakfast, March 1st Report

mrsvwj | Mar 4, 2007 09:08 PM


I should have sent the plate back.

I'm a foodie, and a Vegas lover. And although I live in a big city with some great chefs, I'm out in the 'burbs and work and life don't allow the time I'd like to really explore my foodie side. So vacation is really my time to indulge.

For two months I've been looking forward to arriving in Vegas and having breakfast at Bouchon that morning (my husband is such a non-foodie, I figured it was a venture I'd do on my own, and he was going to meet with a vendor that morning). In anticipation, I made Thomas Keller's roast chicken recipe, which in 15 years of cooking has not only been my best roast chicken, but the only one that even worked as described. I was psyched.

From straight off the plane, picking up the luggage and getting the rental car. Hubby dropped me at the Venetian while he went off on his adventure. I headed up to Bouchon, with dreams of a wonderful meal in my head.

I like to do lunches at the fancier places.... usually a bit more relaxed and a bit cheaper.

I've looked at the menu at least twice a week since Christmas (this trip was a present) trying to figure out what I wanted to try. I knew the Pomme Frites and Cheese Danish had to be tried. I eyed the Croque Madame, but was also eyeing it for a lunch at Rosemary's the same day (that did not happen) and thinking I might try it there.

Inside the Venetian, the signs easily lead me to Bouchon, and the staff greeted me with smiles like I was an old friend. No waiting and I was quickly seated (in what I dubbed "single lady row", since they kept puttin' all the single female diners in the same area).

I settled on the Breakfast Américaine. It had everything I really wanted. Thought about the boudain blanc, which was on the menu, but figured I'd go with the choice that had the two main things I wanted to try since I wouldn't have to order seperate items.

They delivered the Cheese Danish first, and my eyes about bugged out of my head. It looked fantastic.

Then came the main plate. And my heart sank.

I'm a lover of eggs. And while I consider myself only a semi-accomplished home cook, I'm darned good at eggs. And I love love love some nicely done, soft and tender scrambled eggs. I figured if any place, anywhere, ever, would deliver that for breakfast, it would be Bouchon and I'd be a happy camper.

My plate looked like Dennys. Hard, "Peeps" yellow rubbery eggs and bacon that was half crisp and half soggy (my love of crisp bacon is second only to the love of good scrambled eggs). I really, really should have sent the plate back, but being a gal alone in the resteraunt and looking like I'd just stepped off a plane, since I had, I begrudgingly sank in my seat and ate what was good.

The sausage was fantastic. Nicely browned, juicy with a wonderful spice. The pomme frites.... I'm spoiled for any other plain french fry (now covered in chili and cheese... that's another story). Even the cold ones were great.

They were late in getting butter to my table and I'm not a cold butter gal, but this stuff was so stiff I could hardly get it on a knife and it made breadcrumbs of the brioche toast when I tried to spread.

The Cheese Danish was one of the most fantastic things I've ever had. The staff was fantastic, not overly intrusive but there when you wanted more coffee, more water, or the check.

But I couldn't get over the eggs. The "looks like Dennys" eggs. I don't know if they've had enough scrambled eggs sent back for being 'not right" and figure this will please most people or if the morning line staff just needs to learn a thing or two. Part of the reason I like fine dining is knowing they should deliver a certain standard for the money. And they didn't. Even describing it later to the hubby, he knows enough about the difference in scmabled eggs that he was a bit upset I didn't send the plate back.

Bouchon may be worth another try, with a braver me who will actually send a dish back at such a place. But I really, really question if the place does have the commitment to standards that I thought they did. Maybe with other recent openings in Vegas they've lost some talented line cooks or something, but this breakfast just did not deliver what I expected, and it's got me heartbroken right now.

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