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Bottarga di Muggine(mullet)= Wu1 Yu2 Tse3


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Bottarga di Muggine(mullet)= Wu1 Yu2 Tse3

HLing | Jun 10, 2002 10:53 AM

I picked up a medium size Bottarga di Muggine the other day when I saw the resemblance to the much prized Taiwanese and Japanese dried fish roe. In Chinese we call it Wu1 Yu2 Tse3.

I torn off the membrane, brushed it with some vodka(is just what I have in the freezer then)and lightly toasted it over fire, as the Taiwanese prepare them. Then shaved into thin but wide pieces with a truffle shaver. Wow! It tasted almost identical to the best of the Taiwanese version. Now I know what to get my dad for special occasions. This was something that we thought we had to have people bring from Taiwan or Japan. While I haven't done enough research to find out if it's from the same type of fish, the taste is certainly wonderful enough for me.

Contrary to the Italian preparation of shaving it over pasta, we would eat them with optional slices of baby leeks and sip rice wine for those wintry nights....

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