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Boning knife -- a necessity for keeping other knives sharp?

Chemicalkinetics | Mar 5, 201207:57 AM

I am not sure if this should be in the Cookware section or the General section.

I have a Dexter Russell boning knife and have been using it for debone chicken (mostly). I understand that I can use a chef's knife to debone my chicken, and many knife experts have expressed similar statements including using their gyuto and santoku to do the same.

However, here is my situation. Most of my other knives are fairly sharp with no trouble of push cutting paper or shaving hair. They would likely to take a hit on their edges after deboning a chicken, which means I have to sharpen them on a more frequent basis. So, yes, I can debone with any of my knives, but a dedicated knivfe to debone should preserve the edges of the other knives, and therefore save time.

I am curious how many of us have a dedicated knife (could be any knife) for deboning meat, and how many of us simply use our main knife for deboning. Thanks.

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