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Boneless beef short ribs....like Texas de Brazil? Any ideas?

FitMom4Life | Jun 1, 201512:41 PM     11

I ate at Texas de Brazil last weekend and was treated to some of the best beef I have ever eaten in my life. I LOVED the beef ribs that they served, they were absolutely delicious, and so incredibly tender the meat almost melted in my mouth. So, I am obsessed with attempting to duplicate, if even possible, this sort of thing at home. I was at the store and noticed a package of boneless short ribs, so I bought them. I have googled the whole Brazilian ribs cooking, and I know they use a cut called the short plate, so I am hoping that I bought the right thing. However I have not been able to find a recipe that would not use a crockpot or a lot of liquid, to cook these things up really tender. I am a decent cook, but frankly most of my beef gets cooked on the grill. Nos sure that is the way to go for these ribs, but I am hoping someone out there can offer advice!


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