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Bon Appetit Y'All by Virginia Willis... The thread


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Bon Appetit Y'All by Virginia Willis... The thread

Gio | Mar 29, 2009 05:52 PM

In response to several suggestions I'm starting this thread so that I can report on the recipes I make as I periodically work my own individual way through this cookbook. I sincerely hope others will be encouraged to post results of their own experiences with Ms. Willis' sweet, nostalagic book.

I'll preface this by saying that of necessity I have to adapt the prep for these recipes to my situation. Namely, I can no longer stand at the stove and make traditional Risottos and Polenta. Believe me, I have made my share of those, I assure you. I'll be baking them in the oven instead of stirring over the stove top. Also, I'm going to trim back the amount of butter, oil, cream, salt, etc. Nuts will not be used unless they can be pulverized. I think these adaptations will not diminish the flavor and taste of the recipes.... that has not happened in the past.

This is a lovely book and I am looking forward to a month of good eating and sharing the experience with all of you who would like to participate.
Bon Appetit, Y'All!!

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